January 21, 2010

Mixed Doubles Badminton Strategies

Mixed Doubles Badminton Strategies

In mixed doubles, the women usually play in the front of the court, and her partner takes the shots that get past her. The man should try to hit downward shots or horizontal shots, while the woman should play net kills and tight net shots.

Both players should be in a good position to push the shuttle low over the net to the mid court area, just past the front player's area but in front of the back player.

The woman should always assume a front position in an attacking formation (Front-Back) unless forced to move to the back. When defending, the defensive formation (Side-Side) is used. Apply flick serve frequently to the woman receiver forcing her to the back court.

Badminton is not only a
physical demanding game, it is mentally challenging as well. You will come to a stage where skills and fitness alone will not be enough to beat your opponent. Having the right Badminton Tactics in place will give you that extra edge.

Those who
fail to plan, plan to fail... Plan your Badminton Strategies from now on...

source: badminton-information.com

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